Feed my soul

In motion,
Calm, kind and intelligent,
Blessed with the best organisational skills,
Learning through experience is progress.

In battle,
The world is a highly competitive place,
Only the quick and clever survive,
Scattering the energies.

In search,
Can't find a place in a real environment,
liable to hide in the best version,
of his ideal universe.

In love,
with travelling, finding new things,
stimulating the mind in a meaningful manner,
places which can feed the soul.

When visionary ability,
meets the Fighting spirit,
Thoughts become progressive.

When creativity is released,
An independent spirit is unleashed,
Feelings become deep and meaningful.

Don't be afraid to let go…

Need for variety

Restless, powerful, practical – the dynamic personality,
Fast in thinking,
With great organisational skills.

Generous, sensitive, secretive – the multifaceted individual,
Appears innocent and kind,
While hiding the true purpose underneath a social mask.

At a first glance, shy and solitary,
Impressing through charisma and charm,
Then a fighting spirit, supported by an iron will.

Curious, intuitive, clever - astute observations,
When you see – why should you listen?
Difficult to take into account the advice of others.

Ambitious, innovative, influential - A character on life's stage,
Changing the action of the drama just by presence,
Entertaining others with your wit.

With creative ideas,
Life has a lot in store for you,
Though bored so easily.

When there is need for variety,
It's transformation you're looking for,
Closing circles a task.

Your lesson of life,
To leave the past behind,
Learn to give up in order to get.

Magic of the heart
A Sophisticated thinker,
Rational and skilled.
A Compassionate soul,
Open to give a helping hand.
Full of life,
Motivate with attitude.
A keen eye for the beauty,
Innocence the source.
Attention to details,
But not too oneself.
Accompanied by laughter & sadness,
Wealth is an inner feeling.
When you're sensitive,
There's magic in your heart.

Guiding light

When life gets hard,
No need to be scared,
Let me guide you.

The youthful quality,
A driving force,
Courageously weathers the storm.

Ambitious and persistent,
Assertive and pragmatic,
A leader at the core.

Witty and clever,
Eager to learn,
Adapting to new situation.

Individuality is my belief,
Problem solving my performance,
A rebel at the heart.

Captivated by web3 & NFT technologies for provenance, ownership & growth we see a huge future for artist within the digital arena.  But in some ways, more importantly, turning Portraits of a Soul into digital art enables the viewer to have a more immersive experience. By viewing the video files, on the Blockchain, one is brought into a sensory experience, whilst observing the image the sound of the poem, the truth of the subject, is read aloud. Allowing one to gain deeper understanding, a closer connection to those portrayed in Richards' portraits.

Collaboration is paramount within Portraits of a Soul, Eric & Richard working in harmony, so we wanted to employ this same ethos with the work created, hence the community collection. Working with friends whom we've met within the NFT space, giving everyone a deeper insight to the who we are, personally. This will be an ever growing collection.

All images link to their NFT, where you can listen and immerse into the subject and project, you can also view the collection here on Foundation.

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